To live well is to be healthy, 而且 health is a state of physical, mental 而且 social well-being. Health 而且 happiness go h而且 in h而且, 而且 therefore it is important for us to enjoy the moment.

 There are several contributing factors that need to be considered when maintaining a healthy lifestyle:



It is important to try to drink at least 1.6 litres of fluids each day to replace what you lose when you breathe, sweat 而且 urinate. 然而,你也应该考虑你喝的液体的类型. 

Swap sugary drinks for water or a diluted juice. At the very least, as a recent University campaign suggests, make 'Every Other One 水'. Your body will thank you as water contains no sugar 而且 has huge benefits for your skin, body, 心灵与钱包. 减少含糖食物也能帮助你减少饮食中的卡路里. For example, did you know that 500ml of cola contains the equivalent of 9 teaspoons of sugar?

试着在每杯含咖啡因的饮料之间喝一些水, 喝花草茶或不含咖啡因的茶/咖啡. As well as the sugar content (a small latte contains around 120 calories 而且 a white coffee around 18 calories), 过量的咖啡因会导致睡眠困难, 易怒, 胃部不适或心跳加快. Anything over four cups of tea or coffee a day can have an adverse impact 而且 further details can be located at “多少咖啡因算过量??'

一大杯250毫升的葡萄酒, 与此同时, 有250卡路里和四品脱啤酒将达到680卡路里, 相当于一个麦当劳双层芝士汉堡和小薯条. Reducing alcohol could also mean that you feel better, look better 而且 have more money to spare.  Women should not regularly drink more than 2 – 3单位 a day 而且 men should not regularly drink more than 3 – 4 a day. 一大杯250毫升的葡萄酒是3.3单位, 1 bottle of wine is 10 units. A can of 4% lager, beer or cider is 1.8个单位,1品脱等于2.3单位. Exceeding these limits could lead to liver damage, heart attacks, reduced fertility 而且 some cancers. 它还会抑制呼吸, giving you a less restful night’s sleep 而且 it is recommended that you make every other drink water, 选择单打而不是双打, 喝小杯而不是大杯的葡萄酒,半杯而不是品脱.


尽量避免酗酒, which is defined drinking eight or more units of alcohol in one session if you are a man, 而且 more than six units in one session, 如果你是个女人. 值得注意的是,在24岁的年轻人中,有五分之一的人有过事后后悔的性行为. 也, 如果你被抓到酒后驾驶,你将面临最高5英镑的罚款,000, 至少12个月的驾驶禁令和犯罪记录.  To find out how much you’re really drinking go to the 国民健康保险制度 Change4生活 页面 to use the Drinks Checker or download the 饮品追踪应用

进一步的信息rmation can be found at 酒精的影响

For Help 而且 advice on Drinking well contact Student Services or call Worcestershire Pathways to recovery on:

伊夫舍姆01386 444 380

基德明斯特01562 823 211

莫尔文01684 578 368

Redditch 01527 406920

Worcester 01905 721020 or 019050724853



Eating a balanced diet will improve your health 而且 can give you energy throughout your day. Balance is the key to getting your diet right.


As well as maintaining your five a day, 水果和蔬菜是维生素的良好来源, 矿物质和纤维. 新鲜的, 冻, 罐头, dried 而且 juiced fruit 而且 vegetables all count, 奶昔或不加糖的也一样, 非浓缩果汁.

参观 国民健康保险制度 你会发现更多为什么你应该每天吃5份食物的理由


尽量不要不吃早餐,这样可以减少午餐前的零食. 全麦谷物, 比如维他麦, 用一把水果填饱肚子, nutritious 而且 tasty 而且 lunches prepared at home are usually cheaper 而且 healthier. 整体, 以感到满足为目标, 不要吃坚果和种子类的健康零食, chopped fruit or veg with dips will provide a quick energy fix 而且 prevent you grabbing a high fat or sugary snack.


像Aldi和Lidl这样的“廉价超市”值得考虑. Buying fruit 而且 vegetables that are 的季节 会降低成本吗. For example, strawberries 而且 raspberries grow in the summer months 而且 corn on the cob in Autumn. 列一张清单,并严格遵守,这样就不会买到不健康的零食了, 或者通常是高脂肪和高糖的即食食品.  冷冻和罐装的蔬菜和水果是健康的,可以降低成本, 但是不要把水果放在糖浆里,也不要把蔬菜放在盐水里.

学生橱柜里的必需品包括意大利面, 米饭和面条, 肉汁颗粒, 橄榄油, 盐和胡椒, 干草药, 烤豆, 汤, 豆子。, 沙丁鱼, 沙丁鱼或金枪鱼, 香蒜沙司, 蕃茄酱, cereals 而且 long-life milk or soya milk.


Good nutrition is even more vital at times of stress 而且 it is important that you do not let healthy habits slip. 有一些想法可以帮助你, include the need to remain hydrated, along with enjoying a healthy breakfast, 吃蓝莓之类的食物, 枸杞, 富含脂肪的鱼类和坚果被发现可以改善大脑功能. Avoid foods that contain sugar, fat 而且 carbohydrates as these can make you feel tired 而且 sluggish.

If you are concerned about your diet or have any conditions that you think are affected by your diet then you can arrange an appointment to see a nutritional therapist at the 麦克勒兰德中心’s Nutritional Therapy Clinic.


Feeling tired impacts on your concentration, 记忆力和你在工作和家庭中的日常活动能力. Adults need approximately 7 to 8 hours sleep per night to ensure optimal physical 而且 mental functioning. 

帮助你入睡的小贴士包括保持房间凉爽. Rituals matter too, as they give your body cues that it's time to slow down 而且 sleep. Listen to relaxing music, read something soothing for 15 minutes or have a caffeine free drink. 不要在床上看电视,也不要使用笔记本电脑或平板电脑,关掉手机. 否则你可能会在夜里被短信和Facebook的通知吵醒.

Regular exercise can help you sleep well but not if you exercise within four hours of going to bed. Caffeine 而且 nicotine are stimulates, so will prevent you getting to sleep when you have them in the hours before you go to bed. A warm glass of milk, however, actually works! 最后,好好起床,寻找一些明亮的光线,因为它会刺激你的身体.


Do something boring until you feel sleepy, have a warm glass of milk or do some relaxation exercises. 如需更多建议和帮助,请访问九点彩票下载咨询和心理健康 页面. 



Mental wellbeing improves the quality of our lives in many ways including better physical health, 更快康复, 日常生活中限制更少, 高等教育程度, greater likelihood of employment 而且 earnings, 以及更好的人际关系.

We all get stressed at times; positive stress can help us achieve a goal, but can’t be sustained. Negative, self-defeating stress has a negative impact on our psychological 而且 mental wellbeing.

如果你发现自己压力很大,试着冷静下来,给自己一些时间. Deep breathing can make you feel calmer 而且 linking with friends can be invaluable too. 谈论你的担忧可以帮助你控制它们. 与此同时,锻炼有助于释放天然化学物质,让你感觉更好. Keeping a diary, planning your time 而且 adhering to a budget can help you feel organised.

如果你担心你的学习,试着和你的学术导师谈谈, or, 非学术查询请访问 Firstpoint 而且 they will guide you to the right person, 或预约心理谘询及精神健康服务. 作为一名员工, try talking to your line manager if you have concerns or contact Human Resources if you would like to access external counselling support. 


研究 has demonstrated that happiness is a key factor to wellbeing 而且 feeling good. 当你的幸福感增加时,你会变得更加富有同情心, 有创意的, energetic 而且 emotionally 而且 physically healthy.

Why not tell a close friend/family member how pleased you are to have them in your life or check in with someone who needs some support. Concentrate on the positives in your life as opposed to focusing on the negatives 而且 remember that experiences make you happier in the long run, 而不是物质. 最后,有意识地对你看到的人微笑. 


正念是一种关注当下的方式, using techniques such as meditation, 呼吸和瑜伽. 正念练习可以帮助你更好地意识到自己的想法, 感情, bodily sensations 而且 surrounding environments, so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, 你能够管理他们.

研究发现正念也可以帮助缓解焦虑, 抑郁症, 睡眠问题, 让人上瘾的行为, 工作富有成效,减少疾病水平. 大学定期为员工和学生提供正念课程. 如需进一步信息,请联系咨询和心理健康小组 cmh@worc.ac.uk     


有时候你需要一个安静的地方,这样更容易思考. At 圣约翰校区 在伍德伯里的旁边有一个小花园 迷宫, 哪个提供冥想区. On 城市的校园, walk down the hill 而且 rest on the grassy banks overlooking the racecourse 而且 river.

记住,你不是一个人,别忘了和家人和朋友谈谈. If you would like help or advice on dealing with stress or improving your mind-body wellbeing please contact cmh@worc.ac.uk  学生)或 wellbeing@worc.ac.uk

Alternatively you could contact Samaritans on jo@samaritans.org